Please fill in the necessary information, please print this order form for each reel to be serviced and include it when shipping a reel to:

Cal's Reel Conversions  1017 El Paisano Dr.  Fallbrook, CA 92028
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Reel Model          
Reel Serial #        
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Services to be preformed by Cal's 2 Speed

if not sure select " ? "Blueprint: It's a complete service and custom build of the drag system
if not sure select " ? "Blueprint Plus: It's a complete service: but the reel will also get at least 50% more from strike to full
if not sure select " ? "Service: Only if reel was previously blueprinted by us in the past
if not sure select " ? "Upgrade or replace handle
if not sure  select " ? "Upgrade or replace clamp and/or studs
if not sure select " ? "Casting bearings: For casting or live baiting
if not sure select " ? "Sleeve: To enhance spool rotation for casting
if not sure select " ? "Remove, Wash, Inspect & Re-spool existing spectra on reel
if not sure select " ? "Add Spectra to your reel

Notes or others needs


Please no factory boxes or special bags with your reels when you ship.  We only have limited space and would rather not have them